Trekking and Cycling Adventures

‘Trekking Adventures’ is owned and operated by New Zealander, Ann Young who has a passion for adventure travel and has been involved in the outdoors and travel world for 20 years. Her desired objectives are to give a unique experience, enrich people’s lives and encourage personal growth which is fun and affordable. ‘Trekking Adventures’ aims to provide sustainable active travel adventures that are beneficial to the culture of local communities, environment and the mountains of the countries visited.

How many people will be in the group?

Trip numbers for both the trekking groups and tours will be kept to a maximum of 12 people ( with the exception of our cruises and private trips) , to ensure not only the safety of the group but to strive to give each client the comfort and attention they deserve.

Who are the guides?

All tours are personally led by ‘Trekking Adventures’ director Ann Young or a representative of ‘Trekking Adventures’. We believe that responsible travel has to be a ‘two way street’ and that giving back something tangible is essential. Ann is assisted by a team of experienced locally recruited guides, porters and drivers which have been chosen with care. These local guides and porters are only too happy to share their wealth of local knowledge, local customs and traditions.

Do all trips involve trekking?

‘Trekking Adventures’ provides the opportunity to choose between trekking and non trekking trips to enable everyone to experience the culture whether on a safari in Africa, in Nepal trekking the Himalayan mountains or travelling to far off places such as Tibet, Bhutan, India, Vietnam, Morocco, Ethiopia, Egypt or New Zealand.

How fit do I have to be for trekking?

Anyone who is reasonably active, whether an absolute beginner or a seasoned traveller should cope with any of the ‘Trekking Adventures’ trips. Most trekking days are short and we walk slowly, which gives every opportunity to acclimatise to altitude in order to reach the desired goals.

Do I need any mountaineering skills?

No mountaineering skills are required as all ‘Trekking Adventures’trips are non technical and on formed tracks.

Are there any easy trips?

‘Trekking Adventures’ offers both easy lowland trips and the more challenging trekking and cycling options of crossing 5,445 metre passes, catering for all levels of fitness and aspirations. One trekking trip offers the opportunity to enjoy the cultural experience whilst being amongst spectacular mountains and scenery with a gradual downhill most of the way.

What age group are the participants?

All ‘Trekking Adventures’ trips are scheduled for the 40+ age group.

What if I want to bring my husband, partner, or I am younger than 40 years old?
Some of our trips are scheduled for  both men and women , however some of our trips are for women only. For those who are under forty we are more than happy to offer a private trip where you can have your own personal trip. or it may be possible to combine with other interested people to form a group.

Do I have to carry my own luggage while trekking?
All trekking trips will be supported (while trekking) with local porters or mules who will be carrying your main backpack. You will be expected to carry your own day pack which should be large enough to carry a camera, jacket, water etc to support you during the day of trekking.

What is the accommodation like?

To give maximum comfort,’Trekking Adventures’ and their clients stay in a mixture of hotels, friendly local teahouses, huts, resorts and lodges and by boat on the New Zealand trips.  All trips will be on a shared basis, and while some of the accommodation may be more basic than what you are accustomed too, it is certainly comfortable and many rooms have an ensuite, even in some of the teahouses.  This enables you to interact with the local culture and gain some treasured lifetime memories and new found friends. Please note that some trips involve some camping

Are international airfares included?

‘Trekking Adventures’will meet you at your point of entry into the country of your chosen trip. International airfares will be at an extra cost to the advertised trip price. On some trekking trips the domestic airfares are included. Please check the itinerary to see the inclusions.

What about meals?

Some meals are all inclusive on some trips while on others you are responsible for your own meals, allowing you the freedom of choice. You are welcome to join your tour guide, who will introduce you to the local specialties or you may wish to dine independently. Please check your itinerary to see what is included.

What does walking in a group involve?

All ‘Trekking Adventures’trips are group based and therefore we trek and move as a group. It is possible in most cases to have a short distance from the person in front or behind you, however due to the safety aspect of walking at altitude and in the mountains it is very important to be within sight of your trekking companions at all times. There will be plenty of time for photo opportunities during your trek/ tour and also to check out local sights and markets independently after arriving at your overnight stop.

This information is correct to the best of our knowledge, intended as a guideline only and can be subject to variation. Details and arrangements may change for a number of reasons and forms no part of any contract between ‘Trekking Adventures’ and its clients.