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Nile, White Desert & Mt Sinai - 16 days

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The bustling city of Cairo is home to 18 million and is an expansive blend of historical monuments and mud brick houses. – ‘The Great Pyramids of Giza & Sphinx’ is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. This site has become synonymous with Egypt and is one of the principal reasons for visiting the capital city and is situated west of the Nile bordering the Sahara Desert. We visit the Great Pyramid of Khufu, Pyramid Khafre and Menkaure and no visit would be complete without the photo standing next to the Great Sphinx.
While here we must not miss the world renowned Egyptian Museum which houses the enthralling exhibition of more than 100,000 antiquities, including the ‘Tomb of Tutankhamen and the Royal Mummy room’. Other highlights include the Khan el Khalili Bazaar and the Citadel, which was once home to Egypt’s rulers

Baharia Oasis & the White Dessert
Our journey out to Baharia & the White Dessert includes a visit to a Bedouin Village, Museum of the ‘Golden Mummies’, the Black dessert and ‘Crystal Mountain’. We camp over night in the white dessert enjoying the Bedouin hospitality. This is a great two days of Sand dunes, Oasis springs, history and culture all blended together.

Luxor is home to the 4,000 year old site of Thebes. Luxor effortlessly mingles ancient sites with the thriving metropolis city. Highlights include the Temples of Karnak which is the largest temple in the world (70 acres), along with the Valley of the Kings on the west back of the Nile, where tombs of the great Pharaohs lie. We visit the modern looking temple of ‘Queen Hatshepsut’s which forms a fantastic array of natural contrast against the Desert Mountains.

Aswan s a laid back affable town and Egypt’s southern most city. Attractions include the Obelisk, Aswan 3,600 metre High Dam and majestic Temple Philae. An optional 45 minute flight from Aswan are the two astounding mammoth rock temples of Abu Simbel, a Pharaohs secret until 1813 when uncovered after laying buried in sand for centuries. This is one temple that is certainly not to be missed.
We cruise the Nile on a traditional felucca which will also be our overnight accommodation

The Sinai Peninsula
We visit the St Catherine’s Monastery for a guided tour. This ancient building is the smallest and oldest Christian monastery in the world and is said to have been built around Moses burning the bush and is home to a number of antiquities, including manuscripts and religious icons. We will trek up to Mt Sinai at night – the famous peak where Moses received the ‘Ten Commandments’ and watch the magical stars and beautiful sunrise over the surrounding mountains.

Dahab is on the Sinai Peninsula and surrounded by the coral reefs and Red Sea and the diving mega of the world.  It is a great place to kick back, relax and enjoy the Nubian lifestyle in one of the many seaside café’s relaxing on cushions with the water lapping at your side.  This area is known for the diving in the ‘Blue Hole’ and is amazing spot to snorkel and maybe take some diving lessons.

Day to Day Itinerary

Day 1: Cairo
Day 2: Cairo
Day 3: Cairo – Aswan
Day 4: Aswan – Felucca on the Nile ( optional tour to Abu Simbel)
Day 5: Felucca – Luxor
Day 6:Luxor ( optional Hot Air Balloon ride over the west bank)
Day 7: Luxor – Cairo – Bahair Oasis
Day 8: Bahair Oasis – White Desert
Day 9: White Desert – Cairo ( optional lighting & Sound show at the Pyramids)
Day 10: Cairo – (optional tour to the Valley of the Whales)
Day11: Cairo – Sham – St Katherine’s – Mt Sinai
Day 12: Mt Sinai – St Katherines – Dahab
Day 13: Dahab
Day 14: Dahab ( optional day tour to coloured & white canyons & Ain Khundra Oasis)
Day 15:Dahab – Cairo
Day16: Cairo

Group size: max 12

Trip Dates( trips to this destination are on hold at present)

Start: Cairo    End: Cairo

Other dates available on request
Dates for 2015 are still to be confirmed

Trip Pricing

Deposit: USD$500 (payable at the time of booking)
A further full payment is due 60 days before departure Priced from USD3,590 to USD3,690(depending on numbers in the group)
Single Supplement: USD$200.00
Accommodation: Hotel, trains, Felucca  and camping

Vote with your feet and come walk with me.

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Trekking Adventures | Nepal Trekking | Worldwide Treks - Egyptian Museum - Cairo
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Trekking Adventures | Nepal Trekking | Worldwide Treks - Philae Temple
Trekking Adventures | Nepal Trekking | Worldwide Treks - Abu Simbel
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Trekking Adventures | Nepal Trekking | Worldwide Treks - Mem
Trekking Adventures | Nepal Trekking | Worldwide Treks - Egyptian Museum - Cairo
Trekking Adventures | Nepal Trekking | Worldwide Treks - The Nile